Beer Sales stopped by royal family in Qatar.

Beer Sales stopped by royal family in Qatar ahead of world cup kick off.

The Royal family wants a ban on beer sales in or around stadium which has left FIFA in an Uncertain Position just 2 days ahead of world cup kicks off on Sunday.

Budweiser who is one of the biggest (main) sponsors has the rights to sell beer at the eight stadium being used, meaning FIFA could breach its multi-million dollar contract with budweiser.

Beer Sales stopped by royal family in Qatar.

An agreement was announced in September for beer with alcohol to be sold within the stadium paerimeters before and after the game.

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Last weekend Budweiser was left surprised by new policy by Qatari organizers to move beer stalls to less visible locations within the stadium perimeter.

Beer Sales stopped by royal family in Qatar.


The sale of alcohol is usually prohibited in Qatar, a muslim country.

Beer was available at over $22 for 500ml can at fan parks.

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