EPL: Can Arsenal Win Premier League? Analyzing Arsenal’s Chances in the EPL

Every Fan Across the globe is asking Can Arsenal Win Premier League? The Premier League is widely regarded as the most competitive football league in the world, and winning it is a tremendous accomplishment for any club. For Arsenal, a team with a rich history of success, it has been a few years since they last tasted Premier League glory. However, with manager (Arteta) at the helm and a talented squad, the Gunners have a real chance to win the title again.

With only 11 games left in the season, Arsenal still leads Manchester City by five points in the fight for the 2022–23 Premier League championship. There is still a tonne of football yet to be played, and although Arsenal will believe they have an advantage over the defending champions, a crucial direct matchup against City is still scheduled for April 26 at the Etihad.

Man City wants to become the first team to win three straight league titles, while Arsenal wants to become the first team to win the league since the Invincibles in 2004.
Title-hungry fans can better understand what their club needs by employing a “magic number,” which is one technique to determine what a team needs to mathematically win the championship.


Can Arsenal Win Premier League
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How many points should Arsenal win to claim the Premier League title?

The Arsenal lead Manchester City by five points as both teams prepare to travel for their upcoming meeting.

In sports, a “magic number” is frequently calculated to indicate what a team needs to achieve mathematical success. It is made up of the sum of the points the team in question has collected and the points their closest rival has surrendered.

If a team, for instance, has a magic number of “5”, they can win the championship either with five points they score themselves or with two points scored plus three points conceded by their closest rivals.

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How to determine Arsenal’s “magic number” for the championship

The first step in calculating a magic number is determining how many points the leaders would require to become unreachable by any other club.

Manchester City still has 11 games to play, giving them a maximum possible point total of 94.
Arsenal presently has 66 points with 11 games remaining for them. Arsenal needs 29 more points to surpass Manchester City’s maximum point total and put themselves out of reach at 95 points.

Due to Manchester City’s loss of points and Arsenal’s gain of points, Arsenal’s magic number is now 29.

So keep in mind that six points would be deducted from the total if Arsenal wins the following game and Manchester City loses the following game.
Arsenal Next Premier league Fixtures:


28Mar 19, 2023VS Crystal Palace
29Apr 1, 2023Vs Leeds United
30Apr 8, 2023Vs Liverpool
31Apr 15, 2023Vs West Ham
32Apr 22, 2023Vs Southampton
33Apr 26, 2023Vs Man City
34Apr 29, 2023Vs Chelsea
35May 6, 2023Vs Newcastle
36May 13, 2023Vs Brighton
37May 20, 2023Vs Bott. Forest
38May 28, 2023Vs Wolves



Arsenal certainly has the talent and potential to win the Premier League this season. However, they will need to maintain their current form and stay injury-free if they are to mount a serious challenge. They will also need to pick up points against their rivals in the coming weeks. While it is certainly possible for Arsenal to win the title, it will be a tough challenge given the quality of the opposition. Only time will tell if the Gunners can finally end their long wait for a Premier League title.


When did Arsenal Win the Premier League?

Arsenal has won the Premier League 13 times, with their most recent win coming in the 2003-2004 season when they famously went undefeated in the league, earning them the nickname “The Invincibles”.

Who is Arsenal’s biggest threat in the Premier League?

Arsenal’s biggest threat in the Premier League is Manchester City. They have dominated the league in recent years and have a strong squad with quality players in every position and are only 5 points behind Arsenal.

How can I watch Arsenal’s games in 2023?

There are a variety of ways to watch Arsenal’s games in 2023, depending on your location and preferences. In the UK, many Arsenal games are broadcast on Sky Sports, BT Sport, and other channels. Fans in other countries can often watch games on their local sports networks or streaming services. Additionally, Arsenal offers a variety of digital content, including match highlights and live audio commentary, through their website and mobile app.

Who is the manager of Arsenal in 2023?

The current manager of Arsenal in 2023 is Mikel Arteta, who took over the position in December 2019. Arteta is a former Arsenal player and has been working to rebuild the team since taking over as manager.


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