Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United have betrayed me disrespectful in an interview with piers morgan

Cristiano Ronaldo says Manchester United have betrayed me and are disrespectful in interview with piers morgan.


Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo has a long Bond But Right now he feels angry, disrespected and he is not going to stay silent any longer.

As he prepares to fly to Qatar for his fifth world cup appearance and almost certainly last, he wants to have his say.

In a 90-minute TV interview with “Pier Morgan Uncensored TV Talks” Ronaldo has given the most explosive Interview ever Pier morgan interview Ronaldo.

Ronaldo finally said what he calls the most difficult period of my life both professionally and personally.

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Cristiano Ronaldo 37 is the highest goal scorer in football history he is the greatest to ever play the game.

He’s also the Most followed human on Instagram and is about to pass half a billion followers.

In an Interview Cristiano Ronaldo blasted at Manchester United and current manager Erik ten Hag, stating he feels “betrayed” by the club. He also accused a few senior figures in the club, claiming they tried to force him out of Old Trafford.

The interview will broadcast later this week on Britains TalkTV but teasers for the same were released on Sunday after United’s match against Fulham, which they won 2-1. Ronaldo was not part of the squad for the second time in a row with the club stating that the forward had fallen ill.


However, Ronaldo’s comments in the interview will surely leave fans wondering about his future in Manchester.

Ronaldo was also suspended by the manager earlier in the season after he refused to come in as a substitute during a 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur.

“If you don’t have respect for me, I’m never gonna have respect for you (Manager Ten Hag) – ” Ronaldo said in an interview.

Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford in 2021 after spending 12 years in Madrid, since leaving the club in 2009. However, in less than a year Ronaldo was linked with other clubs in the summer transfer window ahead of the 2022-23 season. The footballer shed more light on the matter and accused Ten Hag for forcing him out.

“Manchester United tried to force me out,” he said. “Not only the manager, but the other two or three guys who are around the club at the senior executive level, Not only this year but last season too.”

Ronaldo (Credit – Gettyimages)

Ronaldo also slammed Man Utd for failing to move forward during the 12 years he spent with Real Madrid and then Juventus.

“He knows, Everyone knows. The people who don’t see that. It’s because they don’t want to see, they are blind,” said Ronaldo.

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