Pele’s health update: Brazil icon Pele dies aged 82 after long battle with cancer 30/12/2022 – Exclusive

Pele’s health update – Brazil icon Pele (king) dies aged 82 

29 Dec 2022 – Widely Considered 1 of the greatest footballers of all time, pele is the only man to have won the world cup on 3 occasions.

The news came from her daughter instagram account about the passing of the king. she wrote – “All that we are is thanks to you,” “We love you endlessly. Rest in peace.” – Kely Nascimento. His agent, Joe Fraga, confirmed his death: “The king has passed.”

Kylian Mbappe posted on twitter:

Latest Tweet from Pele :


25 Dec 2022– Pele’s family has gathered at the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo, where the 82-year-old global icon has been since the end of November.

Doctors announced earlier this week that Pele’s cancer had progressed, and that he is now in “elevated care” due to “kidney and cardiac dysfunctions.” Since then, no other hospital statements have been made public.

Edson Cholbi Nascimento, known as Edinho, one of Pele’s sons, arrived on Saturday after denying in a press conference that he would visit his father in hospital. Edinho, who works for a soccer club in southern Brazil, had previously stated that his father could only be helped by doctors.

“He (Edson) has arrived.” “One of Pele’s daughters, Kely Nascimento, said in an Instagram post with a picture of herself sitting next to Edinho and two of his children at the hospital. “I am not leaving, no one will take me out of here.”

Peles health update

The eldest daughter of Brazilian football legend Pele said on Pele’s health update – he is “still fighting” cancer in a Sao Paulo hospital.

“We continue to be here, in this fight and with faith. “Another night together,” wrote Kely Nascimento.

Pele’s most recent Instagram post came following Argentina’s World Cup final victory over France last Sunday, in which he congratulated the South American team and Lionel Messi on their “deserved” victory.


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Pele's health update


Edson Arantes do Nascimento famously known as “Pele” is regarded by many as the greatest footballer of all time – GOAT and Labelled as “The Greatest” by FIFA.

He won three World Cups with Brazil in 1958, 1962 and 1970, and scored 643 goals in 659 official matches for the Brazilian club Santos. He scored 77 times in 92 games for his country’s national team. He was named athlete of the century by the International Olympic committee. His 1279 goals in 1363 games which includes friendlies is in Guinness world record.

On Friday “In an Instagram post of Pele” he responded to a ‘Get well soon’ message that was projected onto a building in Qatar where the World Cup 2022 is taking place. Pele wrote: “Friends, I am at the hospital making my monthly visit. It’s always nice to receive positive messages like this. Thanks to Qatar for this tribute and to everyone who sends me good vibes”.

Pele's health update


Peles health update


how old is pele?

Pele was Born on October 23,1940, he is 82 years old.

Pele age?

82 years

Pele Spouse?

1st wife – “Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi” – 1966 – 1982, 2nd Wife – “Assiria Nascimento” – 1994-2008, 3rd Wife – “Marcia Aoki” – 2016

Marcia Aoki net worth?

She runs a business, which is expected to be over $10 million and being the wife of the 10th richest footballer in the world makes her a wealthy woman.

Pele Net worth?

Pele has an estimated net worth of $ 100 million in 2022 according to celebrity net worth.

Is pele dead? 

Pele died battling cancer on 29 Dec 2022.

Where is pele now?

Pele is in Albert Einstein hospital in sao Paulo Brazil.

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