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football pitch (also known as a football field or soccer field) is the playing surface for the game of soccer. The pitch is typically made of natural turf or artificial turf, Artificial surfaces are allowed only to be green in color. Football fields are of different sizes depending on the sports you play like Association Football, Street Soccer, Indoor Soccer, Beach Soccer, Freestyle Soccer. The pitch can vary in size with professional and international matches requiring slightly different variations.

Touchline/Sideline Dimensions

Touchline - Sideline
Touchline – Sideline

The touchlines also referred to as the sidelines are the two boundary lines on the long side of the field. Any ball that crosses outside of the sidelines/touchlines will result in a thrown in. a throw in is awarded to the opposing team of whoever last touched the ball before tit went out of play over the sideline. According to FIFA’s Law of the game The Touchlines must be a minimum of 90M (100 Yds) to a maximum of 120m (130 yds)

Goal Line Dimensions


The Goal line also referred to as the bylines, are the boundary lines on the shorter side of the field. This line in where the goals sit and any balls that cross these lines will result in either a goal kick or corner kick. The minimum is 45m (50 yds) and the maximum length of the goal lines is 90m (100 yds)

Field of Play Dimensions


The field of play is a rectangular shape that can have a minimum and maximum length and width. The goal lies measure 45-90m (50-100yds) and the touchlines measure 90-120m (100-130 yds).

Centre Circle Dimensions

soccer centre circle
soccer center circle

The centre circle has a radius of 9.15m (10 yds) this means that the diameter of the centre circle is 18.3m (20 yds) and has a circumference of 57.642m (62.8 yds). The centre mark is in the middle of the centre circle. When thew goal is scored the ball is placed on the centre mark. The opposing team is not allowed to enter the circle until the team with possession touches the ball.

Soccer Goal Dimensions

Goal Post
Goal Post


The Goal Post

There are two vertical support posts that keep the crossbar suspended in the air called goal posts. Together the crossbar and goal posts form the frame of the goal. According to Rules the posts are white in color and have the same width of the crossbar of 12cm (5 inches). The distance between both the posts are 7.32m (8 yds)wide by 2.44m (8ft tall). The goal posts must have a width that is less than 12 cm (5 ins). A ball that is kicked or played off the goal posts but remains in bounds is in play just like the crossbar.

The Crossbar

cross bar
cross bar

There is a vertical bar called the crossbar that spans the width of the goal connecting  both posts. The crossbar must be made if a solid material so that a soccer ball can bounce of it. The crossbar is 2.44m (8ft up in the air above the ground. Any ball that is played off the crossbar is still in play as long as it stay’s within the boundary lines.

The Net

Soccer Goal Net
Soccer Goal Net

The net of the goal is secured to the crossbar and posts to create the full goal. The net catches any balls that pass the crossbar and posts and makes it easy to determine whether or not the ball has entered the goal. In many professional stadium this net will be strung up to form a box. It is important that the net does not fall down and impede the keeper from doing their job.

Technical Area Dimensions


Technical area where players, coaches, substitutes and other personnel are allowed to occupy during a match. The length of this are spans at most 1m (1yd) from each side of the seating area. The height of the box extends so that it is about 1m away from the touchline. The technical area includes the dugout, bench and a marked zone adjacent to the pitch.

Penalty Area Dimensions


The sides of the Penalty area measure 16.5m (18yds) and the width of the penalty area is 40m (44 yds). There is a small dot called the penalty mark that is in the middle of the penalty area. The penalty mark is placed 11m (12 yds) from the goal post.

Penalty Arc

Penalty Arc
Penalty Arc

The penalty arc is a curved line in front of the penalty area. The line forms an arc that is 10 yds from the penalty spot, Players other that the goalkeeper and kicker may enter this area during a penalty kick.

  • The penalty arc is a curved line set around the penalty spot
  • During a penalty kick the kicking player stands on the penalty spot with in the penalty box.
  • Players other that the penalty kicker are not allowed to pass beyond the penalty arc.
  • If a player on the kicking team who is not the penalty kicker enters the penalty arc and the kick is successful the penalty kick is redone.
  • If a player on the kicking team who is not the penalty kicker enter the penalty arc and the kick is unsuccessful the non kicking team receives an indirect free kick.
  • If a player on the non kicking team enter the penalty arc and the kick is successful the penalty kick is counted as a successful score.
  • If a player on the non kicking team enter the penalty arc and the kick is unsuccessful the penalty kick is redone.

Goal Area Dimensions

The Goal area is inside of the penalty area and is shaped very much like it. The goal area is a rectangle with a length of 5.5m (6 yds), while the width is 18.3m (20 yds) goal kicks must be taken from on or inside of the goal area.

Corner Dimensions


The corner are used by players to take corner kicks. The corners consist of a quarter circle that measures 1m (1 yd) in radius. The ball must be placed on or inside of the corner when taking a corner kick.

Corner Flag

At each of the four corners is a flag placed where the end lines and touchlines meet. The corner flags serve as indicators to referees and players about the boundaries of the pitch and when the ball is inbound and goes out of bounds. Their bright colouring and size make it easy for referees to spot them from afar in scenarios where the ball goes out of bounds.


Are soccer fields and Football field the same size ?

Soccer and American football fields are not the same size. While both fields are rectangular in shape, soccer fields are typically 70-80 yards wide with a length of 110 to 120 yards and NFL football fields are 120 yards long with a width of 53.3 yards. Football and soccer fields share similar length at the professional level but drastically differ in width.

What are international Soccer Goal Dimensions?

FIFA specifies a goal dimension of 7.32m x 2.44m x 1.5m for 11 A side ball international matches (width x height x depth) the goalposts and crossbar should not be wider than 12 cm.

Should we use natural grass or artificial turf for playing surface?

Natural or artificial grass is the most common form of grass used. Natural grass is frequently used at international stadiums.

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